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ISM Funk - Beispiel

Wireless ISM

Wireless communication with various end devices

An important consideration in actual field usage is ensuring your panel subjects face no obstacles to installation or use.

ISM (Industrial, Scientific and Medical Band) wireless technology enables the various hardware components of our products to communicate wirelessly with one another. This reduces installation efforts to an absolute minimum regardless of end device.

The Betty system is a prime example of the intelligent use of wireless technology: Betty was able to securely link three devices by ISM:

  • A transmitter with SCART connector to extract information from the video signal
  • The central remote control with display and microprocessor as the interactive medium for the user
  • The (no-current) analog TAE wireless modem for the feedback channel

All connections were bi-directional to enable remote software updating of all components at any time.

The highest level of security was ensured by a smart card in the remote control which signed and encrypted all data communication.

What made the system so unique was its wireless modem without an independent power supply. It drew the power it needed from its location's existing telephone line but also maintained enough internal reserve to establish a connection during line outages.

Betty only used a generally-allocated short duty cycle (data pulse); no separate frequency allocation was necessary.

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