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GPS Positioning

Geo-tracking of persons, goods or vehicles

Positioning with satellite-based GPS (Global Positioning System) is becoming increasingly interesting in general, and for market research purposes in particular. The new generations of GPS modules are extremely compact and energy-efficient, thus finally making it practical to employ mobile tools like the Mobility Tracker to track the advertising effectiveness of out-of-home or point-of-sale media.

The Touchpointer offers a GPS application in a very compact device - no larger than a keychain - and provides a few options for manually inputting reporting variables: pushbuttons as well as a slider bar allows recording one's personal impressions made at a specific coordinate, for example. One such observation might be: Just how appealing is that billboard or placard?

GPS positioning makes it easy to record a route or flag particular locations. Using a map display, panel subjects can then later be questioned about the specific route they took.

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