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Which TV show is on right now?

Televising shows without audio would be unthinkable. AudioMatch technology makes us of this fact to reliably identify which TV station is on. The process entails the AudioMatch algorithm "hearing" the audio track coming from the TV set and matching it to the specific broadcaster. The process works in real time and it works with any TV infrastructure without the panel subjects having to deal with annoying cables.

The AudioMatch technology reliably identifies and ignores any background noise there may be in the room such as conversations, music or street noise. It also does away with the need for transmitting or saving reproducible audio data as it easily intergrates into any number of platforms: DECT telephones, cell phones (Audience Tracker Mobile), PCs or standalone boxes (Audience Tracker AT08).

For mass testing, the AudioMatch technology makes use of the free TV-Freunde platform, the first interactive online TV portal able to identify a specific broadcaster. All the content from the currently recognized broadcaster is automatically furnished in the user's browser without needing to send a signal back to a server. This also ensures the full privacy of the panel subjects.

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