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FAST eVote Air

The first real-time response system for in-home use

Simple: Auto-centering slider prevents user errors
Flexible: Ideal enhancement to existing online panels
Economical: Low device and operating costs enable higher case numbers than conventional studio operations

How it works:
eVote Air is the first real-time response system for use in a user's familiar in-home environment. The test person evaluates the audiovisual stimulus material in real-time with a radio-controlled remote control. The remote control's infinitely variable slider automatically resets to the neutral central position after each input, preventing false or distorted effects due to unintentionally leaving the slider in any one evaluation position. A green, yellow or red LED provides the test person with a constant indication of his or her current evaluation selection. An additional button panel allows further input.
Overview: Data acquisition via GSM or web

Overview: Data acquisition via GSM or web
Data can be transmitted either via GSM or web You decide how eVote Air and FAST back-end communicate:

  1. Via GSM in conjunction with the FAST Audience Tracker AT08 TV usage measuring box. Ideal for presenting the stimulus directly on the TV set with broadcaster check.
  2. Via web with USB wireless receiver and internet-enabled PC.
    Ideal for RTR enhancement of existing online panels.

Convenient online data access
The evaluation data is transmitted live to the FAST back-end. There the panel's evaluation history is processed with millisecond timing and made available for convenient viewing via web interface.

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