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The fast online database of televised spots

Whether you want to optimize your own media plan or keep an eye on the competition: With FAST SpotSearch, one click tells you when and where a spot ran. Simply upload an audio sample of the spot you're interested in into the FAST SpotSearch database and all the selected broadcasters are searched for your desired time frame. After just a few minutes you'll receive the actual televised media schedule.


Thanks to the FAST-developed AudioMatch process and highly optimized file and search methods, entire broadcast days can be searched within seconds for short audio files. The technology also includes the continuous analyzing and historical processing of 30 broadcasters. Additional broadcasters can also be included in the system as required.

Ultra-simple retrieval
We send you the online access to the AudioMatch system. Using the online input mask, you simply upload a short, characteristic audio excerpt from the spot you need - even just 5 seconds is enough - and define your search time frame and desired broadcasters: that's it! There's no complicated audio format conversions to make, SpotSearch recognizes more than 300 different formats and compression processes and even processes video excerpts automatically. Depending on your search parameters and the given request frequency, SpotSearch can deliver your results within 5 seconds (ranging up to 5 minutes max). Results are returned in the form of a table listing start times to the exact second, broadcaster and program title. More frequent or more extensive searches can be automated with the results returned via email.

Die Spotsuche

Example: Keeping an eye on the competition
Optimize your media plan using the knowledge of where and when your competition is running their own TV spots. Simply upload a 5-second excerpt of any spot into the system and start the search.

Example: Media schedule analyses
To monitor your purchased airtime schedule or to identify the exact televising of your remnant space ads. One click returns a list of your hits and allows you convenient further processing of the information, for example in Excel(TM).

Example: Legal compliance
The system can also be used to track licensing rights to music or other content having typical audio properties.

Simplified billing
Monthly flat-rate invoices are based on the number of broadcasters searched, not the number of searches or results. We don't make you commit to long-term obligations, service contracts or subscriptions. If you no longer feel the need for SpotSearch, simply set up a break in service or cancel the service at any time with just one month's notice.

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