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FAST Mobility Tracker

Tracking Movement Patterns by Smartphone

Simple: Passive measuring without inconveniencing test persons
Economical: Application works with virtually all Android™ smartphones
Flexible: Optional on-screen dialog, photo function and AudioMatch

How it works:

1. GPS positioning

The FAST Mobility Tracker application turns any commercially-available smartphone into an advanced, reliable tool for recording movement patterns.


2. Positioning by multilateration of known GSM locations

Should the device be in an enclosed space or not have any GPS reception, a GSM multilateration process is used to alternatively identify locations based on the last known coordinates.


3. Data processing and map display

All measured data is transmitted by mobile phone to the FAST back-end,
resulting in e.g. user ID, time and geo-coordinates being displayed in tables or maps.

Datenverarbeitung und Kartenansicht

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