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The simple and reliable solution for measuring TV usage and determining ratings.

Today’s media market is one of sweeping changes. New receiver technologies, digitization and ever-changing television viewing habits pose complex challenges, especially to measuring TV usage.

When you’re conducting market research and need a reliable technical measurement for quantitative viewer analysis:

  • Coverage/reach analyses
  • Effective advertising exposure analyses
  • Media plan evaluations
  • Monitoring the competition

Individually customizable panel profiles/scale:

  • Representative panels
  • User panels / Specific target groups
  • Control groups

The measured results form the basis for your business as:

  • Market research institute
  • Media agency
  • Advertiser
  • Broadcasterer

As a broadcaster, you want a better understanding of your viewers:

  • Viewing period length
  • Audience Flow
  • Personalized usage
  • Exposure frequency
  • Monitoring the competition

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