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How we got to where we are today

FAST TV RESEARCH develops and markets technologies and products for market research. The inspiration which led to FAST TV RESEARCH came from Matthias Zahn and Jens Ch. Gloede. Zahn, a physicist and founder of the FAST group of companies, has already depomstrated a wealth of ingenuity many times over with his innovative software security, video editing and personal video recorder products. Jens Ch. Gloede meanwhile had an active role in launching PLAN.NET media and is the founder of interpersonal-computing, one of Germany's very first eBusinnes ventures. Most recently, the two collaborated on developing the interactive Betty remote control. Bett TV was a division of Swisscom Fixnet AG.

The sum of our extentive experience mean that we - together with a close-knit team of dedicated hardware and software developers - can quickly transform ideas into technology and develop market research products which address actual market conditions and concerns.

FAST TV RESEARCH GmbH was founded in 2007 and currently has a Munich staff of 9 employes focused on research and development.


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